Junior High 3 on 3 Registration


1.    All games will be played at the New Gym unless otherwise noted. Alcohol and tobacco are NOT permitted inside the facility or in the parking lot.

2.    Concessions will be available for players and fans throughout the tournament.

Player Eligibility and Registration

1.    All teams must be registered and have signed waivers turned no later than 3 days before the tournament.

2.    A team captain from each team must check their team in at the New Gym by 4:00 PM the day of the tournament.

3.    Each individual player must have already completed the registration process and have a signed an electronic waiver.

4.    Payment of $25 per player is due at the door.

Team Composition

1.    The game shall be played between two teams of three players each.  A minimum of three players is required to be present at the start of the scheduled start time to prevent a forfeit. The maximum amount of players per team is five (5).

2.    This is a Co-Ed tournament..


1.    Each member is encouraged to bring one light and one dark color shirt just in case there are any problems with t-shirt colors. Pinnies may or may not be available.

Ground Rules

1.    Format will be as follows: Teams will play one game to 15 points, by 1’s and 2’s.  Teams must win by two points.

2.    Gender guidelines: this is a Co-Ed tournament so each team must have at least one of each gender on the floor at all times.

3.    Starting the game: After agreeing on a game ball, each team shall designate one person to shoot free-throws to determine which team will start with possession of the ball. After one person has made and one person has missed, the team making the free throw shall start with the ball at the top of the key.

4.    Checking the ball: The ball shall be “checked” before the start of the game at the top of the key, and after all usual and unusual stoppages of play, including, but not limited to: turnovers, made baskets, all fouls, out-of-bounds, and balls entering the court from another court. For any unusual stoppage of play, the team currently or last in possession of the ball shall retain possession, except after a made basket.

5.    After a made basket, the team that was on defense will start at the top of the key on offense. There is no make-it-take-it.

6.    Scorekeeping/Reporting: Teams are responsible for keeping track of the score throughout the game. The score should be announced prior to every checking of the ball. THE WINNING TEAM MUST REPORT THE GAME SCORES TO THE SCORE TABLE. In the event of a score discrepancy, teams shall restart the game from the last known score.

7.    Fouls will be called by the players on the court. A defensive foul on a made basket shall result in the basket counting and the fouling team starting with the ball at the top of the key. A common foul, or a foul resulting in a missed shot, shall result in the fouled team starting with the ball at the top of the key. There will be no free throws. There shall be no foul limit for players to exceed. Central Baptist Church reserves the right to issue warnings or disqualify teams from the tournament if teams continually foul their opponents.

8.    Out-of-Bounds: In the event the ball is declared out-of-bounds, the game shall be restarted at the top of the key with the team not having last touched the ball being awarded possession. The half court line shall be considered an out-of-bounds line. If the ball touches the top of the backboard, it shall be the same as an out-of-bounds violation.

9.    Alternating Possession/Jump Balls: On the first held ball, the ball shall be awarded to the team that did not start the game with possession. Possession on all held balls thereafter shall be awarded on an alternating basis. Teams are responsible for keeping track of the alternating possession.

10. After a defensive rebound of a shot attempt (regardless of the ball hitting the rim or not) the player must take the ball outside of the 3-point line with both feet before taking a shot at the basket.

11. Forfeit Time: A 10-minute forfeit time will be enforced. Teams must be on the court and ready to play.

12. A minimum of three players must be present to start an official game. If less than three players are present, the game will be declared a forfeit. A team may play with less than three players if players become injured during the game.
I agree that I am responsible for my own health and possessions when entering the property of Blooming Grove ISD and the event hosted by Central Baptist Church. I agree not to hold Central Baptist Church or Blooming Grove ISD responsible for any injury, accidents or loss of any possession I may experience while on BGISD property or while participating in Central Baptist Church’s event. I agree to abide by the rules, including but not limited to the rules listed above to the best of my ability and to keep good sportsmanship throughout the tournament. By signing below I agree to uphold the terms of this agreement
Price: $ 25.00